Vinyl Orders will have an NFT


We are sending everyone who orders a vinyl on Laber Nicht Records a free NFT. We will mint the NFTs using the Ethereum network and airdrop them to the buyers in early 2022. Sometime after that, in the spring of 2022, we will airdrop all holders of the Albums’ NFT our genesis NFT project. Our genesis NFT project will lay the foundation for the future to come. iykyk

If you are trying to decipher what the heck is going on here, then please stay with me here. 

I’m doing my service in the name of a decentralized metaverse that Punk #6529 has inspired me to pursue. After understanding what blockchain technology allows us to do outside of just cryptocurrency. I’ve decided to do my part to make a decentralized metaverse happen and create a smooth introduction for all Laber Nicht Records fans to the metaverse. 

So let’s break it down step-by-step with the 6 questions. 


Easy. You. And all who order a vinyl.


It’s free. And if you don’t sell the NFT, you will forever have a status in our plans that no one ever will ever have. Well, unless somebody buys this NFT off you. 


Every album will have a unique NFT related to the release. If you own an album NFT, we will send you another free NFT. (This is called an airdrop) And probably more free NFTs – cause it’s fun. But, what is really cool about these NFTs is that they will give you access to exclusive content and voting privileges within the Laber Nicht Records community. (Those are 2022 goals)


All vinyl orders before January 31st of 2022 qualify for the airdrop. 


Laber Nicht Record’s bandcamp.


Step 1: Find an album you like. 

Step 2: Click on “Buy Record/Vinyl” or “Pre-Order Record/Vinyl” a popup will follow.

Step 3: On this popup screen, there is a section where you can “Include a message.” Click on that. 

Step 4: Open up your web3 Ethereum wallet and copy your address. Make sure it is on the Ethereum Mainnet! Don’t have a web3 Ethereum address? Click here

Step 5: Paste your web3 Ethereum address into the “Include a message” section.

Step 6: Submit payment and wait one week after the 31st of Janurary.

Now you’re ready to go! If you have any troubles please send an e-mail to We’d love to help!

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